Falava no último post do Dodgeball e agora recebo um e-mail que anuncia talvez o seu fim…Do Anthony Towsend:

“I recently posted to IFTF’s Future/Now about the imminent death of
Dodgeball, one of the pioneers in this space, whose founders have
left google.”

Abaixo o link e trechos do post:

IFTF’s Future Now: The End of Mobile Social Web 1.0:

“And it’s been fascinating to watch Dodgeball work its way through the multiple challenges of innovation in the mobile application space – from overcoming walled gardens, to massaging their UI model, to the dozens of social hacks to make the service appealing and fun without being annoying. (Crowley used to give presentations that had a whole slide called ‘The Ex-Girlfriend Problem’). In the process, they figured out how to make Dodgeball scale beyond its small early adopter community in downtown Manhattan.

When Google picked up Dodgeball 2 years ago, there were cheers throughout the scattered remnants of Silicon Alley. Gotham City still had something to teach the West Coast math geeks about taking the web to the streets. Developers in California spend their weekends hunched underneath their desks eating pizza and playing Doom. As Crowley’s Dodgeball profile summed it up, New York’s new breed of mobile developers were more likely to “spend my weekends either (a) fixing this website, (b) on a chairlift or (c) hungover.” No Second Life here, we’re looking for tools to have a more interesting, intense, serendipitous First Life.”