Digital Communities


Quem tiver sugestões de projetos interessantes em “digital communities” no Brasil, por favor, me enviem os links. Rápido.
É para indicação do juri do premio Ars Electronica, do qual faço parte.

Vejam a definição aqui:

The “Digital Communities” category will honor important achievements by digital communities well as innovative artistic approaches towards web-based communities. This category focuses attention on the wide-ranging social and artistic impact of the Internet as well as on the latest developments in the fields of social software, ubiquitous computing, mobile communications and wireless networks. Special attention goes to community-related “”. “Digital Communities” spotlights bold and inspired innovations impacting human coexistence, bridging the geographical as well as gender-based digital divide and cultural conflicts, sustaining cultural diversity and the freedom of artistic expression or creating outstanding social software and enhancing accessibility of technological-social infrastructure. This category showcases the political and artistic potential of digital and networked systems and is thus designed as a forum for the consideration of a broad spectrum of projects, programs, artworks, initiatives and phenomena in which social and artistic innovation is taking place, as it were, in real time. A Golden Nica, two Awards of Distinction and up to 12 Honorary Mentions will be awarded in the Digital Communities category in 2007.

Tenho pouco tempo para fazer as indicações,
Mandem para o meu email, ok?