Dialup Radio

Dialup Radio,

Interessante projeto utilizando telefones celulares, o Dialup Radio, para distribuição de conteúdo sobre mídia independente e direitos humanos (obrigado Felipe Vaz). O sistema é em software livre.

Vejam em detalhes:

“Dialup Radio is a tool that distributes human rights and independent media via telephone. Brief radio-style audio files are uploaded and managed via the Dialup Radio website. These files are immediately available to callers who phone the project phone number. Our software automatically generates interactive voice response (IVR) menus that enable callers to naviage audio content using their telephone keypads. Dialup radio works with any telephone, and can be adopted for a variety of activist campaigns.

Dialup Radio has been designed specifically to meet the needs of human rights activists in the developing world. The system can be installed locally or may be operated across national borders. Particular attention has been paid to system security and to minmizing costs of operation.

Project History
Dialup Radio was first conceived in the spring of 2006. An initial prototype was completed later that year. Initial testing and ongoing collaboration with human rights activists have lead to further refinements. A pilot deployment is anticipated for summer 2007.

Dialup Radio consists of a web-based content management system written in Ruby/Rails, and an Asterisk-based telephony server. All software is open-source, and will be released to the public in the fall of 2008.

For additional information, please contact tad at media dot mit dot edu.”