Post do blog Herescan mostra outro sistema de localizacao, o DASH, que utiliza o Openmoko, sendo um sistema de GPS para carro com uma variedade de informações. Vejam trechos do post:

“Dash is a new player in the in-car GPS market. Based in Sunnyvale, Dash is creating nice mashup of two DARPA funded innovations: GPS and the Internet. If Dash is your in-car GPS system, you can get stuff like up-to-date traffic info, as well as Upcoming events listings (the Sunnyvale connection perhaps?) delivered to you as zip around town.

DASH Internet Enabled GPS

What does this have to do with OpenMoko you ask?

‘This is a sit-back, 65-mile an hour phone,” Rob [Currie of Dash] said. It uses wifi to download updated data when you pull into your garage, but on the road, its internet connectivity is GPRS. Even more interesting, once there are enough Dash-enabled cars on the road, it uses mesh connectivity between them to improve the routing and traffic data.’ Apparently Dash’s tech is based on OpenMoko’s hardware (here’s an overview that we got during mobileCampLondon). Interesting as it points to the type of hybrid devices that Sean Moss Pultz hinted at in the presentation that got me so excited about the platform.(…)”.