Cybertecture Egg

Cyberculture Egg

Um espaço futurista vai abrigar escritórios high-tech em Mumbai, na Índia…O Architecture: Cybertecture Egg

“In 2010, a few lucky office workers in Mumbai, India, will see a major upgrade from the common cubicle. Because the Cybertecture Egg is being constructed to be one of the most forward-thinking workplaces in the world.

Its 13 floors are far lighter on columns that conventional buildings since the structure supported by its exterior. And rooftop green space dissipates heat while the building harnesses solar and wind power.

But the most impressive part of the Cybertecture Egg may be for its daily inhabitants. Office workers are treated to customizable workspaces that will apparently alter their “view” with the world locale of their choice—so much for all those gorgeous windows. In addition, bathrooms will monitor worker health by measuring weight and blood pressure. And a doctor will be alerted to any drastic changes.

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  1. Olá André,
    cai por aqui ao acaso e gostei muito do que escreve no blog. Acabei de postar sobre o aka-aki e vi que já escreveu sobre mobile social networks, há algum tempo. Mobilidade é um assunto que me interessa profissionalmente e tb academicamente. Gostaria de trocar idéias e voltarei por aqui mais vezes. Um abraço,

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