Cyber Terrorists

Cyber Terrorists

Falávamos sobre eletricidade e dispositivos móveis em post anterior (mais abaixo) e agora vejo essa noticia informando que ciberterroristas estariam atacando centrais elétricas fora dos EUA. Não há maiores informações sobre esse caso específico. Aqui outro artigo interessante sobre o tema.

An image from al Qaeda’s website features a “cracked” or broken computer which indicates a potential cyberattack.

Vejam: Cyber Terrorists Extort Urban Power Grid Managers:

“Hackers literally turned out the lights in multiple cities after breaking into electrical utilities and demanding extortion payments before disrupting the power, a senior CIA analyst told utility engineers at a trade conference.

All the break-ins occurred outside the United States, said senior CIA analyst Tom Donahue. The U.S. government believes some of the hackers had inside knowledge to cause the outages. Donahue did not specify what countries were affected, when the outages occurred or how long the outages lasted. He said they happened in “several regions outside the United States.”