Cultura dos Games

Livros, sites e revistas interessante sobre Games na lista IDC, sugeridos pelo Matteo Bittanti. Editei o email e deixo apenas as informações:

Andy Clarke and Grethe Mitchell’s “Videogames and Art” (2007), recently published by Intellect Books

Nic Kelman wrote a book titled “Video Game Art” (Assouline, 2006) which features a brilliant introduction by Henry Jenkins. Kelman focuses on the artistic nature of videogames per se…

Joline Blais and Jon Ippolito edited a fantastic book called “At the Edge of Art”for Thames and Hudson (2006). One section is entirely devoted to Game Art.

Websites – some of my favorite sources of info, criticism, and cool ideas:
Select Parks – Rebecca Cannon and friends – outstanding
Tale of Tales – smart conversation about art and games, smart games, smart art
Neural – Alessandro Ludovico’s magazine just rocks
Domenico Quaranta – mostly in Italian, but definitely cutting edge
Aram Barthol’s blog – make sure you check out this video
Abstract Machine – Douglas Edric Stanley’s blog – impressive stuff – read all about GameWorld (see below)

EDGE is, arguably, the most interesting videogame mag on the planet. It is British – and could not be otherwise. They recently published a special issue slash monograph on the “Art of Videogames” (Kelman’s territory). Check it out. More information is available here.

GameWorld. This is a MUST SEE – it’s open until the end of the month. It’s the Venice Biennale of Game Art. More info here.
the amazing I am 8-bit exhibition and correspondent book.