Cidades Wi-Fi

Problemas na implementação de redes Wi-Fi em cidades americanas.

Matéria na CNN mostra que ” An ambitious plan to blanket the city with wireless broadband Internet will be shelved because it is too costly and too few residents would use it, Chicago officials said Tuesday. Chicago officials say they won’t go ahead with plan to blanket the 228 square mile city with wireless Internet.” “We realized — after much consideration — that we needed to reevaluate our approach to provide universal and affordable access to high speed Internet as part of the city’s broader digital inclusion efforts,” Chicago’s chief information officer, Hardik Bhatt, said in a statement.” Segundo a matéria “About 175 U.S. cities or regions have citywide or partial systems.”

Já em Houston, segundo o Houston Business Journal, apesar dos problemas enfrentados, “a city spokesman said the planned 640-square-mile network was going ahead despite internal company problems at Earthlink Inc. However, at an Aug. 29 city council meeting, Mayor Bill White said the Atlanta Internet service provider would pay a $5 million penalty for not meeting its agreement deadlines.