Cidades Vigiadas

Paris e GB aumentam a eficácia da vigilância por CCTV, embora estudos mosntrem que o uso dessas câmeras é ineficaz no combate a criminalidade.

Sobre Paris, vejam a matéria France to strengthen video surveillance system.

“France will triple its number of video surveillance cameras by 2009 as part of the fight against terrorism and street crime, Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said on Friday. Alliot-Marie told Le Monde newspaper video surveillance was relatively undeveloped in France. ‘The latest attacks in London were prevented thanks to their video surveillance system, (which is) 10 times more developed than ours,’ she told Le Monde. An official report put the number of authorized cameras in France at about 340,000, Le Monde said.”

Sobre a GB vejam a matéria do The Guardian sobre reconhecimento facial em CCTV, Surveillance system tracks faces on CCTV.

CCTV: current systems are largely ineffective. Photograph: Akira Suemori/AP

“British researchers say they have developed a new technology that will allow police to track suspicious individuals over CCTV more efficiently. The system, which uses computer software to monitor and break down live television images, is able to track a moving face through a crowd. Engineers at British defence company BAE Systems, which is working on the technology, claim it is even able to automatically follow a target even if they change their appearance by changing their clothes or hiding beneath a hat. ‘Today the effectiveness of CCTV surveillance relies on a small, highly-trained team to identify and track suspicious individuals,’ said Andrew Cooke, project manager at BAE Systems.’Automating elements of the system – and employing techniques to prevent suspects from throwing a team off their scent – enables a single operative to track multiple targets with as much, or even greater, precision than before.’