Chicago crime

Chicago Crime

Sistema permite mapear crimes na cidade de Chicago por tipo, localizao, etc. Vejam para mais detalhes o Chicago crime database. Mais uma forma de vigilncia e monitoramento cidado, com visualizao da criminalidade na cidade. A questo o quanto o sistema efetivo para reduo de crimes, ou para apenas criar pnico e desconfiana. O site no da polcia e sim umnizao sem fins de lucro:

“This site is a non-profit, freely browsable database of crimes reported in Chicago. It is not affiliated with the Chicago Police Department or with Google Maps. It is not an official source of crime information for the city of Chicago. Rather, it is an alternative view of public record that is available elsewhere.

This site won the 2005 Batten Award for Innovations in Journalism, was named by the New York Times as one of 2005’s best ideas, and has been covered in various international media.

How data is obtained

The Chicago Police Department maintains a site, Citizen ICAM, that lets the public search for recently reported crimes. The system downloads every crime from the Citizen ICAM system once a day. This process, known as “screen scraping,” is entirely automated. Unfortunately, the CPD does not provide a raw data feed of any sort, despite our requests.(…)”