Center for Locative Media

Center for Locative Media

O Center for Locative Media tem vários projetos interessantes com tecnologias móveis, localização, narrativa, cidade e aducação. Há vários projetos interessantes como “Locating the Blues Trail” (a 6 week journey for 11 people to tag 3 markers in Mississippi), “Eyes on the Prize” (one of our first locative media projects in schools); “Scape the Hood” (a massive gps-enabled neighborhood narrative); entre outros.

Vejam a descrição do Centro abaixo:

“The Center for Locative Media works with different cultural and educational communities to enable the creation, delivery, and distribution of narrative histories of people and places using emerging and locative technologies.

To date, the Locative Media space has primarily been inhabited by artists. But as educators and amateur neo-geographers, we found a rich vein of place-based pedagogy to tap into. Here story was already married to place. As technologists we watched the tools become available to not only tag content to place, but to experience it in that place.

Locative Media, like its technology, is emerging; but as with all community engagement, it has its roots in the the importance of story, the value of place, and the use of technologies old and new.”