Carbon Hero

Sistema usa locative media (GPS, celulares, sensores, bluetooth) para informar ao usuário como o meio de transporte utilizado em um determinado percurso impacta o meio ambiente. Vejam o Carbon Hero:

“Research has shown that adoption of a new technology or system is more successful when it involves the minimum of interference or learning by the user. Using sophisticated sensors and programming, Carbon Hero does the learning and deduces modes of transport being used, with almost no user input required. Each of the modes has a known environmental impact (DEFRA values have been used) for which the journey’s broken down and evaluated, and the user is presented with their very own personal carbon footprint. The handheld unit is the sensor, and via Bluetooth for instance, communicates with one’s mobile, where the special custom Carbon Hero application processes the data stream by way of an algorithm and database. This improves accuracy too.


The User Interface has been designed to engage the user, informing them of how different travel choices impact our environment. A combination of text and graphics allow more efficient conveying of the information gathered.”