O projeto Cabspotting monitora o deslocamento dos táxis em São Franciso, na Bay Area, criando um mapa movente e vivo do uso dos espaços da cidade. Mais um projeto com locative media e geolocalização revelando aspectos urbanos que passam muitas vezes despercebidos. No site podemos ver o deslocamento em tempo real dos táxis no cab tracker.

“Cabspotting traces San Francisco’s taxi cabs as they travel throughout the Bay Area. The patterns traced by each cab create a living and always-changing map of city life. This map hints at economic, social, and cultural trends that are otherwise invisible. The Exploratorium has invited artists and researchers to use this information to reveal these “Invisible Dynamics.”

The core of this project is the Cab Tracker. The Tracker averages the last four hours of cab routes into a ghostly image, and then draws the routes of ten in-progress cab rides over it.

The Time Lapse area of the project reveals time-varying patterns such as rush hour, traffic jams, holidays and unusual events. New projects are produced by the Exploratorium’s visiting artists and also created by the larger Cabspotting community.”