Blog, Death and Jokes

Blog, Death and Jokes

Post do Global Voices Online informa que jornalista é condenado a morte por circular texto enocntrado em blog iraniano sobre direito das mulheres e religião.

Vejam o absurdo:

“The Afghan Association Blog Writers (Afghan Penlog), a community established by a group of Afghan activist bloggers, has expressed deep concern for a young journalist Sayed Parwiz Kambakhsh who was condemned to death by a local court.

He has been a reporter for Jahan-e Naw (New World) weekly and a student of journalism at Balkh University.

According to Afghan Penlog and international media, Parwez Kambakhsh was detained by the authorities on October 27, 2007 for downloading and distributing an article that he found on an Iranian weblog to friends. It spoke of women’s rights, the Quran and the Prophet Mohammed. A local court in northern Afghanistan in Mazar-e Sharif has convicted him to death for the alleged blasphemy.”

Outro post, agora do Mobile Active, mostra como o SMS tem se transformado uma ferramenta “subversiva” no Irã, difundindo piadas sobre os políticos. Trechos:

“(…)According to Desfoulian, SMS has become a way for young people to circumvent authority, largely through the spread of political jokes on subjects from nuclear energy to petrol bans to government rationing. She notes that with more than 20 million SMS messages sent every day in Iran,

[SMS] has ceased to be merely a way of sending a quick alert, and become a method of political and cultural discourse, filling the gap left by the dearth of free and independent media of the conventional sort. Texting is now a potent way of distributing information, critical remarks and above all jokes about politics. With no censorship and no holds barred, it allows people to break taboos, criticise the authorities, have some fun or chat someone up.

Iran isn’t the first country to spread political jokes via mobile phone. SMS jokes have circulated through the Phillipines, Zimbabwe, and other countries, poking fun at local leaders and political practices. More than just entertainment, these jokes are a way to spread political information, communicate discontent and even encourage mass political organizing and protests.”

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