Blixa Bargeld – All (is) open again

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Projeto de Blixa Bargeld do Einsturzende Neubauten experiementa novas formas de produção, com financiamento específico e visualização via webcam da criação do album. Vejam entrevista com o mesmo no re-public.

“Blixa Bargeld discusses Einsturzende Neubauten’s new project which is being released without any kind of record label involvement. The project involves a series of experimentations: the recordings were financed by their supporters who could also view the album as it was being created via webcam and could have live online discussions with the band about the recording.”

Trechos da entrevista:

Blixa Bargeld: Well, this is the third record that we make in that way, so the production process is not really new anymore. What is new is the fact that, for the first time in the history of the band, we are making the record ourselves, without any aid from any record company. So, in a way, the title of the record refers to the fact that we are making the record as a record company ourselves. I just wanted to try it once in our career. I don’t want to find myself sitting in 2020 and saying “shit, you should have done the record yourself”. Apart from this, I think that the most elegant way of titling a record is titling it from one of the tracks.


BB: We have established in 2002/3 when we did Phase One of the supporter project – we are now in Phase Three. In the First Phase we made a record which overlapped with the record that we gave to Mute Records. Even though that was not a very elegant solution, at the time there was no way that a record company would reject the record – despite the fact that we had given it to the Supporters already. As a consequence, the outcome of Phase One was financially not successful for us.

The second time we produced a record (Phase Two), we did not give it to a record company – we just send it out to the subscribers. This was better for us, but we lacked a broader public which presented problems for organizing a concert tour. You really want the record to be out to more people – to the ones that are unable to subscribe. There are countries or territories in which the subscription service is simply not possible, or people haven’t got the money, or are too young.

In this Third Phase of the Supporter project we had no other way than doing it ourselves. We wanted to make the record and give it to the subscribers but no record company would then take the record and release it – exactly because we would have given it to the subscribers already. It is illogical thinking on the part of the record companies. Giving out the record to subscribers would basically mean a few thousand record sales less… We didn’t like that.

PP: Do you think that the reason for the fewer sales had to do with the advance of the internet and illegal downloading or with bad management on behalf of the record company?

BB: Downloading is good for Einsturzende Neuabuten. Downloading is bad for Robbie Williams, not for me.”(…)