BlackBerry Gangs

Blackberry Gangs.

Gangues usam a segurança e a criptografia dos Blackberry para cometer crimes e dificultar o trabalho de vigilância da polícia em Vancouver, Canadá. Vejam trechos abaixo da matéria BlackBerry is criminals’ gadget of choice, do Vancouver Sun:

“‘The BlackBerry [server] was created with corporate data security in mind,’ states the RCMP report, obtained by The Vancouver Sun through the Access to Information Act. ‘Until recently, this system was only affordable by companies such as Telus, CIBC, and the like; they are now more affordable and it is easy for individuals to set up a network.’ Imrie confirmed when police get a warrant for a criminal’s BlackBerry messages it can be difficult to intercept them. ‘The use of BlackBerrys may allow them to circumvent lawful access … [with] the encryption involved in the transmission,’ said Imrie. Even when police confiscate a criminal’s actual BlackBerry, he said, cracking its password to view the messages stored on it can be a challenge. BlackBerrys are most popular among a gang’s highest-ranking members, said Imrie.”(…)