Matéria do The Guardian, dando sequência aos posts sobre os protestos na ex-Birmânia, mostra que a junta militar tenta de todos os meios tirar os telefones do ar e “desligar” a internet. Vejam Junta tries to shut down internet and phone links:

“The Burmese junta was last night desperately trying to shut down internet and telephone links to the outside world after a stream of blogs and mobile phone videos began capturing the dramatic events on the streets.

In the past 24 hours observers monitoring the flow of information have noticed a marked downturn, with the reported closure of cybercafes and the disconnection of mobile telephones.

“I was getting emails three days ago but now I seem to have lost contact,” said Vincent Brussels, head of the Asian section of Reporters Without Borders. “Those who can still access the internet are finding it very slow and hard to send pictures.”

Although less than 1% of the population has access to the internet, and only 25,000 people have email addresses, witnesses have been finding loopholes.(…)”