Berlim Wi-Fi

Post do MuniWireless mostra implementação de zonas Wi-Fi livres em Berlim com serviços de localização indicando ao usuário o que ele pode encontrar nas redondezas.



“If Michael Müller, the head of the SPD political party in Berlin, gets his way, the city’s residents and visitors may soon have free outdoor Wi-Fi access, according to Der Spiegel (in German).

Ideally the Berlin network would be open (no nasty logins) and be able to figure out where the user is located so that he or she can easily find cafes, restaurants, museums and other types of establishments in the neighborhood.

Düsseldorf has a limited access free Wi-Fi network in the city center for visitors, but Berlin’s plan goes beyond the typical walled garden that most cities provide (and which people rarely visit).(…)”

O artigo na do Der Spiegel pode ser acessado aqui em alemão.