Nova experiência de jornalimo de fonte aberta ou “crowdsourcing” no AssignmentZero, uma colaboração entre a Wired e a NewAssignement.Net estabelecida pelo Jay Rosen da Universidade de Nova Iorque. Embora sem fazer referência, a idéia é aproveitar o que o Pierre Lévy chama de Inteligência Coletiva. No caso em questão, trata-se de buscar a colaboração entre “leitore”. O objetivo é que essa “audiência” transforme-se em produtora de informação.

“The idea is to apply to journalism the same open-source model of Web-enabled collaboration that produced the operating system Linux, the Web browser Mozilla and the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. “Can large groups of widely scattered people, working together voluntarily on the net, report on something happening in their world right now, and by dividing the work wisely tell the story more completely, while hitting high standards in truth, accuracy and free expression?” Professor Rosen asked last week on That may not seem like much of a revolution at a time when millions are staring at user-generated video on YouTube, but journalism is generally left in the hands of professionals. Assignment Zero will use custom software to create a virtual newsroom that allows collaboration on a discrete, but open-ended, topic from the very start.”