Essa noticia vem do Digg. Estou linkando direto às notícias mais populares (elas estão no link “Digg News” a esquerda aqui nesse Carnet). Bom, fui ver o artigo que tem como título “Web 3.0”. Os debates são interessantes. Vejam esse que mostra as diferenças entre a Web 1.0, 2.0 e a 3.0…Mais no link da business week, Web 3.0:

“Most often, I hear people describing web 3.0 as Web 2.0 – ie, more of what we have now, but faster and more ubiquitous. It’s the same old stuff with lots of superlatives added. A Web 3.0 than plays on the idea of read-write-execute would be having a web that gives people the tools to craft their own tools, their own software, etc, rather than just uploading stuff to other people’s software. Why go to YouTube when you can set up your own MyTube, if you will, with the same functionality but tailored to the specific purposes of your blog/community website/etc. People will be able to create their own complex online social media tools with a few clicks, but remain linked to other tools and other people through tagging, rss and all that good stuff.”