Foto mostra a Korea do Sul e a do Norte. A do Norte no escuro total…e não é so falta de luz, é falta de informação. Vejam matéria do NYT: The Internet Black Hole That Is North Korea – New York Times:

“The South was illuminated from coast to coast, suggesting that not just lights, but that other, arguably more bedrock utility of the modern age – information – was pulsating through the population. The North was black. This is an impoverished country where televisions and radios are hard-wired to receive only government-controlled frequencies. Cellphones were banned outright in 2004. In May, the Committee to Protect Journalists in New York ranked North Korea No. 1 – over also-rans like Burma, Syria and Uzbekistan %u2014 on its list of the “10 Most Censored Countries.” That would seem to leave the question of Internet access in North Korea moot. At a time when much of the world takes for granted a fat and growing network of digitized human knowledge, art, history, thought and debate, it is easy to forget just how much is being denied the people who live under the veil of darkness revealed in that satellite photograph.”