Que tal pegar uma cadeira amarela, colocar em frente de casa e abrir a sua conexo wi-fi para os vizinhos e passantes…uma extenso do espao eletrnico da casa? um novo territrio informacional?

Vejam a experincia do Yellow chairs seek households with wifi:

Anab Jain and Tom Jenkins are to install their Yellow Chair at ISEA San Jose in August. The two designers/artists are looking for 2 households with wifi that would be interested in seeing how this might develop into a live art project for 1 week.

The yellow chair is placed on the street and advertises an open WI-FI network from which people will be able to access a yellow chair’s website. When Anab first placed her yellow chair, outside her home in London last year, passersby could sit on the chair and access the shared folder on her computer with new and enticing offers or services everyday. The San Jose version will recreate this very local community space for sharing, ideas, questions, answers, recipes, music, etc, both around that chair and with another yellow chair community in another neighbourhood across town.”

mais no link…