Revisitando meus antigos vinis caio na Laurie Anderson (ela está com novo Cd, “Laurie Anderson: Life On A String “, o primeiro desde “Bright Red” de 1995.), no álbum co-produzido com o pernambucano Arto Lindsay, “Strange Angels” de 1989.

Na primeira música, Strange Angels:

” they say heaven is like TV

A perfect little world

That doesn’t really need you

And everething there

Is made of light…”

Na segunda, Monkey’s Paw:

“Well I stopped ate the Body Shop

Said to the guy:

I want stereo FM installed in my teeth

And take this mole off my back

And put it on my cheek.

And uh…while I’m here, why don’t you give me

Some of those high-heeled feet?

And he said: Listen there’s no guarantee

Nature’s got rule and nature’s got laws…”