A volta do Napster? Vejam
Listening Post: “Napster Launches Bold New Plan: Five Free Plays of Any Song

Topic: MP3s

Napster has announced a bold new plan for attracting digital music customers from iTunes and file sharing networks. Starting today, anyone can register at Napster.com for a free account that allows them to stream any song in their catalog (there are about 2 million of them) up to five times.

This amounts to a rather expansive free trial of the service’s subscription plan, although the trial tracks cannot be transfered to any MP3 players. However, unlike other free trials, this one does not require you to enter a credit card or install software. Once you create your account and sign in, you can search and browse the whole library, listening to whatever you want (clicking Play next to a song or album launches the Napster player in your browser — Windows, Mac, and Linux supported). While playing back an album, you have the option to fast forward or rewind at will, just as if you had a full subscription. Upon your sixth listen to any track, you’ll be prompted to subscribe.”