BBC e a nova geração digital. Rivais criticam a iniciativa…


The BBC has announced its Creative Future strategy to remain relevant in the digital age.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | BBC needs to ‘enter digital age’:


“And that is one of the problems director general Mark Thompson and his Creative Future teams have been trying to address in their new strategy for the digital world.

Grandstand is a much-loved name (and theme tune) among older audiences – but one that means little to the young.

It says more about the past than the hi-tech future, in which content is increasingly being downloaded and podcast onto MP3 players, mobile phones and other portable devices.

The director general believes that if the corporation is to prosper in years to come, it must connect with the audiences of the future as well as those it already serves.

Looking ahead to an on-demand world in which people will increasingly access BBC content when and where they choose, Mr Thompson warned staff they must work harder to reach younger audiences or ‘face losing a generation forever’.”


And all BBC content – from journalism to comedy and sport to drama – will be “re-versioned” for the new media platforms, including short versions for mobile phones and longer versions (and “extras”) for broadband.

“On-demand changes everything”, Mr Thompson said. “The BBC should no longer think of itself as a broadcaster of TV and radio and some new media on the side.

“We should aim to deliver public service content to our audiences in whatever media and on whatever device makes sense for them.”