Microsoft launches Web search engine

Wednesday, March 8, 2006; Posted: 10:32 a.m. EST (15:32 GMT)
SEATTLE, Washington (AP) — In its latest bid to catch up with rivals
Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc., Microsoft Corp. is launching a revamped
Internet search engine it says will help computer users find
information faster, view it more easily and organize it better.

Debuting in test form Wednesday, Windows Live Search is Microsoft’s
latest move in a major strategy shift that has the world’s largest
software company focusing more heavily on Internet-based software and

The goal of the shift, which includes initiatives dubbed Windows Live
and Office Live, is to create online products to complement its main
cash cows: the Windows operating system and Office business software.

Windows Live Search will power queries on, Microsoft’s
Windows Live Web site, beginning Wednesday. Once the technology has
been fully tested, Windows Live Search will replace the existing
search engine that powers