Para os blogueiros, o MIT apresenta o Blogdex, um index de weblogs ao redor do mundo. Veja aqui o Blogdex

Segue a descrição:

This is a fun stop for those who want to keep up on the Web’s ever-changing

zeitgeist. A project of MIT’s Media Laboratory, Blogdex lists the most

referred-to sites in Weblog world. That is, Blogdex has a crawler that keeps

track of what sites Weblogs are linking to and gives a list of the most

popular. Clicking on the who? link brings up the Weblogs that linked to the

site in question. Users interested in a less ephemeral account of popularity

can check out the “all-time” top links, and the site promises a search

facility in the future for Webmasters who want to know “Am I hot, or am I not.”