Venho acompanhando o blog “The end of Cyberespace”. Aqui mais repercussoões vindo do Boin Boing. Embora a tese esteja correta não se trata do fim do ciberespaço, mas da sua transmutação em uma infraestrutura ubíqua, planetária, móvel, sem fio, onde o ponto de presença se transforma em “ambiente de presença”, como mostrei nos últimos artigos. Veja no Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things: End of Cyberspace

In the current issue of Wired, my Institute for the Future colleague Alex Pang and I have a short article about the ‘End of Cyberpsace.’ The notion is that the Internet is becoming less of a place we ‘go to’ and more of a layer atop our entire everyday reality. As a result, the term ‘cyberspace,’ coined by William Gibson in 1984, just doesn’t seem relevant anymore. So Alex and I asked a slew of really smart people to suggest a new word to replace it. Wired printed six of the responses. Here are a couple of them:

William Gibson
Science Fiction Writer
If I had that word, it would be the title of my next book. I think cyberspace is past its sell-by, but the problem is that everything has become an aspect of, well, cyberspace.

Katy Börner
Director, InfoVis Lab,
Indiana University
A global brain, dominated by implants that merge biological creativity with digital resources and speed.”