Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things: “Jailed Iranian blogger taken to his college exams in handcuffs

25 year old Mojtaba Saminejad has been in prison in Iran since February, 2005 for ‘insulting the Supreme Guide’ and inciting ‘immorality’ on his blog. He was escorted in handcuffs to take exams at Azad University in Tehran last Saturday.

The human rights organization Reporters Without Borders issued a statement today ‘welcom[ing] the fact that the Iranian courts have allowed him to continue his university course,’ and calling for Saminejad’s release. ‘We have never stopped our condemnation of the unfair conviction of this young student who has been imprisoned for nearly a year for posting a few messages on the Internet,’ read the statement, ‘We urge the authorities to show leniency. Bloggers like Mojtaba represent no threat to Iranian society. On the contrary, they support the emergence of a citizen’s debate.’

Image: Saminejad photographed inside his school in Tehran, as he entered to take his exam. Here is his former blog: Link, and here is a new url.