Exposição mostra a realidade da rede Wi-Fi do MIT:

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iSPOTS: Living and Working in MIT’s Wireless Community

November 1, 2005 – January 13, 2006

MIT Museum Emerging Technologies Gallery

On November 1, 2005, MIT completes the wireless campus project -students, professors, staff and even guests can wirelessly access the internet from anyplace on campus. To celebrate, iSPOTS opens at the MIT Museum, and visually showcases the wide ranging impact of wireless technology.

Three screens of electronic color maps, staggered, and transparent, will have spots lighting up when a wireless connection is used. “We’ll be able to immediately see the impact the wireless technology has on the whole campus – people will look at the screens and see the campus ‘breathing.’ The usage patterns should be very interesting, not just to the MIT community, but also to urban planners, architects, and city policy-makers who will be interested in the implications of the changing nature of how and where people work and access information,” says Museum Research Associate in Emerging Technologies, Stephanie Hunt.

This exciting installation merges the work of the MIT SENSEable City Laboratory and the MIT Information Services and Technology Department who were responsible for creating the wireless campus. Carlo Ratti and Andres Sevtsuk led the team who have extended the work of the MIT Media Lab to the entire MIT and surrounding communities.