Como temos insistido, a cidade desplugada da era da conexão em pleno desenvolvimento. Vc está perdido na cidade sem saber o que tem de legal nos arredores? ou quem está por perto? Jovens criam o Dodgeball para ajudá-lo. Vejam matéria Your social life will never be the same:

“Illustration by John Hersey”

A pair of tech-savvy twentysomethings named Dennis Crowley and Alex Rainert created a solution to this problem. They call it Dodgeball. The service is a mix of social network tools (à la Friendster), simple cell phone messaging, and mapping software. Dodgeball has a playful, hipster veneer, but the underlying premise behind the service gives a fascinating glimpse of the way mobile wireless computing promises to transform city life.

Most of Dodgeball?s interactions rely on the basic text-messaging features built into modern cell phones. You sign up for the service and identify other members who are your ?friends.? The next time you find yourself with a few hours to spare, you send a text message to Dodgeball specifying your location, and the service sends back a reply notifying you if any friends, or friends of friends, are within 10 blocks of you. Walking in downtown Manhattan, you?ll get a message saying that Danielle is at the Mercer, while Chris and Dan are at Luna Lounge. Or you can ?announce? your own plans, notifying all your nearby acquaintances that you?ve just stopped in for a coffee at Le Figaro Café. Dodgeball even lets you define ?crushes? that have a special weight on the system. If you?ve got your eye on a girl you met at the last White Stripes concert, you can set up Dodgeball to send you an alert whenever she?s hanging out within a few blocks of you.