Blogs ajudando a encontrar pessoas, wi-fi auxiliando na recuperação da comunicação nas áreas afetadas. Assim o cibermundo está ajudando o mundo natural e suas catástrofes.

Várias matérias ja rolaram sobre isso. Vejam do NYTimes e do


The New York Times > Week in Review > Postings From the Edge: A Catastrophe Strikes, and the Cyberworld Responds:

“Catastrophe Strikes, and the Cyberworld Responds


Published: January 2, 2005

AFTER an earthquake in the Indian Ocean sent tsunamis smashing into coastal Asia and East Africa, much of the initial information about what had happened came from the World Wide Web, especially from the personal journals called weblogs, or blogs. Here are excerpts from Web postings about the catastrophe.


Home was hit by Tidal wave . . . practically lost everything….family is fine…thank god… *lost of words to rant* to all out there… appreciate what you have…even the smallest things and event that u consider irrelevant.. cause after this mishap…well..view’s on life has change alot for me.. * sigh* back to cleaning up and getting home back on its feet.”


SMSes from Sri Lanka tsunami zone

Tsunami eyewitness Sanjay (aka “Morquendi”) is a blogger and TV producer who lives and works in Sri Lanka, one of the areas hardest hit by the disaster. Throughout Sunday night — as he participated in emergency rescue and relief efforts — Sanjay text-messaged live observations to his co-editors at the collaborative blog Chiens Sans Frontières.


# There’s 1600 bodies found by the LTTE in Mullaitivu, in the Eastern Province, so far. They are not allowing any journalists in till rescue operations are done.

# I’m standing on the Galle road in Aluthgama and looking at 5 ton trawlers tossed onto the road. Scary shit.

# Found 5 of my friends, 2 dead. Of the 5, 4 are back in Colombo. The last one is stranded because of a broken bridge. Broken his leg. But he’s alive. Made…

# He got swept away but swam ashore. Said he’s been burying people all day. Just dragging them off the beach and digging holes with his hands. Go.. with gear to get him tommorrow morning. He sounded disturbed. Guess grave digging does that to you.

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