“A here exists only in relation to a there, not the other way around.
There´s this only because there´s that; if we don´t look up, we´ll
never know what´s down. Think of it, boy. We find ourselves only
by looking to what we´re not. You can´t put your feet on the ground
until you´ve touched the sky” (Paul Auster, Moon Palace).

Site do dia: www.sleazenation.co.uk. Difícil pra ler mas vale uma visita.
Agora o site metendo o pau no No Limite (www.odeionolimite.cjb.net).

Para melancólicos de plantão um belíssimo CD. Belle e Sebastian (“fold your hands child, you walk like a peasant”).
Cool, violinos, guitarras e vozes aéreas…muito bom!