Notcia do underground brasileiro… A TARDE, quarta-feira, 28/02/2001, Planto de Notcias, 15h10Um hacker brasileiro, que se identificou como “Angel”,invadiu a pgina brasileira da Warner Bros e deixou a seguinte mensagem:“Que coisa, hein? Pois !!!!!!!!! Warner !!!!!!!! Ns brasileiros temos Leia mais… »

“The universe fades as we anticlimax together. I roll off the sofa and look for a cigarrete but the cigarettes are all smoked. Then I remember were both dead anyway, so I smoke myself” (Mykle Hansen, Eyeheart Everything).

“A here exists only in relation to a there, not the other way around. Theres this only because theres that; if we dont look up, wellnever know whats down. Think of it, boy. We find ourselves only by looking to Leia mais… »